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Horizons LLC is a privately-owned company located in New Hampshire. Horizons has developed an online learning platform that aims to connect the teachers in the United States and the Vietnamese students, as well as to help Vietnamese students continuously improve their English skills by a diversified learning source on our website

Horizons is the limitation of your ideas, knowledge, and experience. Horizons will satisfy all of your goals for your English skills. We believe that by learning English, a national language, you will also experience other cultures that will broaden your horizons.

With the advancement of internet technology, online learning has great benefits such as: the lessons can be lively with images and effects that will help the students learn effectively as well as save valuable time and money of transportation. Along with the passion of teaching English and sharing knowledge, as well as the understanding of the Vietnamese students’ capacity, Horizons has compiled and synthesized the learning materials in American Life Contexts (ALC) that are integrated with the daily conversation used in the US and help Vietnamese students confidently communicate, study, and work in English – speaking environment quickly.


HORIZONS applies FTAH (Feelings, Thoughts, Actions, Habits) method along with a trained team of teachers, especially native speakers or Vietnamese teachers living in the US; We are confident to help you improve your English skills effectively.




"Sky is the limit."


Let’s learn about language

What is a language?

Definition of "language" in the Cambridge dictionary:

"A system of communication consisting of sounds, words, and grammar, or the system of communication used by people in a particular country or area or type o work."

Definition of "language" according to the Longman dictionary:

"A system of communication by written or spoken words, which is used by the people of a particular country or area."

The term "language" is a system of signs (words), scripts, or gestures (body language) to express human thoughts and feelings of people in a specific geographic region.

Therefore, Vietnamese is a system of verbal symbols, written words and gestures expressing the thoughts and feelings of people that is formed by tradition, culture, and society in Vietnam.


English - American is a system of verbal, written, gestures expressing human thoughts and feelings of people that is formed by tradition, culture, and society in America.


A foreign language is a system of verbal symbols, written words, and gestures expressing thoughts and feelings of people is formed by tradition, culture, and society in a foreign country.

Learning a foreign language is to learn the way how to express your thoughts and feelings using verbal, written, and spoken signs of a language other than the language that you use daily in your country. Therefore, learning about the culture and daily life of the country that you want to learn their language will help you learn that language effectively.






We do not try to perfect your English skills. We would like to provide you the appropriate amount of practical knowledge and skills of English that will enable you to accomplish your English skills along with your utilization.


Learn English. Have Fun. Go Pro!


Learn English: We believe that you understand the purpose of learning English – the language of global communication and its benefits.


Have Fun: We study and understand the process of "learning" new knowledge requires time investment. FTAH is the method that we use at HORIZONS to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical context, memorize it, practice, and in the process create a habit of using the new knowledge about the language. This method helps maximize learning in the learning process, helping students to begin the lesson comfortably with music that stimulates the brain and ends the lesson effectively with review session.


Go Pro: When students invest time with the FTAH method at HORIZONS, Go Pro is the final stage when the students are confident and able to continuoulsy SELF-TEACH to improve further along with their utilization.


** Green is a color that represents nature. With e-learning, you are contributing to environmental protection by saving fuel of your transportation.


Our Goals


Share knowledge, skills, and difficulties with students.

Create the opportunities for students to interact with native English speakers regularly in the classroom, English club, and pronunciation sessions.

Create more curricular programs to increase your reading and writing skills in an academic environment.

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