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English programs at Horizons will be instructed by Vietnamese experienced teachers who have lived in foreign countries and experienced native speakers.

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Teacher Coaching Program - A Hands-on course to teaching English Communication as a second language

This program is designed for teachers who teach communicative English. This course will help teachers strengthen their English communication skills in the classroom, teach communicative English and manage the class effectively.

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Teacher Coaching Program - Intensive English to Teachers who will teach in the United States

This course is for teachers who are participating in a Teacher Exchange program to teach in the US. This course will help teachers communicate confidently and naturally in the classroom as well as understand more about the culture and education system in the US to easily integrate into life in the US.​

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VN-EN Medical Interpreter Training Program


This program is designed to help students familiarize themselves with the interpreting environment in the US as well as enhance their listening and speaking skills for those who are oriented to the interpreting industry.

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